Thursday, April 9, 2009

Grilled Cheese Feasts

April is National Grilled Cheese month.  A quick google search of "creative grilled cheese," unfortunately, yields a rather disappointing selection of options.  To fill this gaping void in the internet, Feast Time! will attempt to provide some options that surpass groundbreaking suggestions such as "add some ham."  

(1) Triple Decker Memphis Club 

A clever friend created this feast, choosing some sort of sprouted whole-grain bread from Trader Joe's and proceeding to layer swiss, cheddar, avocado, sprouts, and bacon.   The result was, in her trademark vernacular, "delightful." 

Too thick of a sandwich complicates the challenge of getting the proper level of melt without charring the bread.  The trick?  Grill the middle slice separately in order to create a heat source within the tower. 

Mmmm.  Nom nom nom.  

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