Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fish that Feast

I like animals, in that I like to feast on them.  On rare occasions, however, I enjoy watching animals feast themselves.   

These scary carp are at the Memphis Botanic Garden.  They are the only fish I have ever seen actually BEG for food.  They swarm and follow people standing above the pond.  Some of these fish are so massive that it is actually unnerving.  These photos fail to capture the mouth size of these beasts.  Buy several bags of food.  

The polar bear feeding at the Memphis Zoo is somewhat less impressive, actually.  The bears get tiny, repeat tiny fish.  They resemble moiku (tiny Finnish fish that are fried and consumed in one bite, bones and all) when Payton, Cranbearry, and Hailey get ahold of them.  I was really expecting a whale carcass or a baby seal.  I suppose the polar bear feeding is okay if one has the proper expectations, but the carp are a real sight to behold.  


  1. After much consideration, I've decided to follow your feasts. Don't worry, I also plan to contribute to this honorable initiative post May 10.

  2. okay, when you feel that you are ready for the password, it is yours, with gladness!

  3. Haha. This.Makes.Me.Laugh. A lot. In a good way. Okay, now I'm needing some food.

  4. These fish remind me of the large, grey Mississippi River carp that beg and feed on scraps at various casinos in Tunica.

    Except I might eat these brightly colored fish.

    You couldn't pay me to eat Mississippi River carp. (well... technically you could... everything's negotiable... but it would be NASTY).