Thursday, April 30, 2009

Feast on Fish / Miss Cordelia's angers me

Mahi Mahi * with Cucumber-Tomato Relish

This was quite tasty.  I adapted this from a recipe I found on the internet to make a spicy cold salsa to heap upon lemon-pepper mahi. 

1 cup of cucumber (remove seeds and chop into little cubes)
1 large tomato 
1 leek, sliced very thinly
2 cups of cooked shrimp, cut into small pieces
about half a cup of diced jalapeno pepper (the kind in the jar worked for me)
juice from 2 limes
shit ton of fresh dill
Tony Chachere's Cajun seasoning 
1 ripe avocado
lemon pepper seasoning (commercial kind in the spice section)
4 pieces of mahi mahi
4 tbsp of butter

Put the tomato, cucumber, dill, peppers, leeks, lime juice, shrimp, salt, and Tony's into a bowl.  Let it marinade for 1 hour.   

Then, pan-fry the fish with the lemon pepper on both sides in the butter.  Put some of the relish and some avocado slices on top.  


* This recipe was really tasty, but the mahi itself was mediocre because Miss Cordelia's sucks.  This relish would also have tasted great on some tilapia, grouper, or mahi mahi from Fresh Market. The fish at Cordelia's is hit or miss.  The night after the mahi mahi, we got some catfish that was not good.  

Don't cry for Miss Cordelia though, despite my rant, there is no doubt whatsoever that I will continue to drop a large percent of my resources on overpriced Triscuits, warm beer, and milk that is about to expire.  I might just trek on out to the wilderness of Not Downtown for my future fish needs.  


  1. This looks delish. I think I'm going to have to make this for dinner tomorrow night.

  2. Awesome Fresh Market plug. I used to work there, just for the 10% discount on their excellent NOM NOM NOMS.

    Also, I love your blog. I just cannot believe that you love food so much when you are in such great shape. Now, myself, on the other hand, people can see from afar that I love food.

    Have you ever had a muffaletta sandwich? If you never have, I strongly recommend it for your blog.

  3. Mmmmm....muffaletta sounds like something I would like. Its like a giant chunk of feast, like meats and olives, right?

    Where is a good place to get one in the M town?

  4. Fresh Market has them, however, to be sure its good, you should make your own. Just like with Shrimp Po Boys. I once ate a Shrimp Po Boy that a friend made and it was incredible. I ordered one later at a restaurant and it almost made me puke it was so nasty.

    1. Get a big ol loaf of ciabatta bread. The KEY to muffalatta is the muffalatta spread. The Fresh Market has some that is TO DIE FOR. I don't know what its called, just ask the deli what they use on their muffalettas. They sell the jars of it. Its basically a spicy olive and pepper spread = DELICIOUS. (And capers!) If you're really adventurous you could make your own spread, but that is beyond me.

    2. Heftily slather the spread all over the bread, as much as you can. It is the heart of the muffaletta's uniqueness.

    3. Then pile up some sliced smoked turkey, salami, pepperoni, and for the REAL zest... capicollo ham and... if you dare... prosciutto ham for the true adventurer. (If you like mortadella and pancetta, add some of that too, what the hell, you only live once.)

    4. Now, this is where I disagree with most muffaletta recipes. i'm not a big fan of heaping cheeses on it BECAUSE (stay with me) BECAUSE this sandwich is so unique, that by adding too much cheese, it makes it just like any other sandwich. I usually just add a little sliced provolone. But many people also add sliced mozzerella.

    I usually add lettuce and tomato too, but that may be my American bias. (Italians probably would scoff at my lettuce and tomato but screw them, we saved their asses in WWII so they should STHU.)

    Also, a variation is to heat the whole thing and melt the cheese and make it a "muffaletta panini". But that's going too far in my book.

    But I notice you love the heated, melted cheese sandwiches. Whatever floats your boat or finds your lost remote.

    bon apetit