Friday, March 19, 2010

I Finally Left My Lair and Went To Flight!

I have been attempting not to be such a glutton, so I have not written anything since the Ode To The Cheesy Gordita Crunch.  I can't believe that spell-check does not recognize "gordita."  Fools.  I need to get back on track because National Grilled Cheese month is coming.  Anyway, I went to Flight, located in the old Stella.  The concept is cool, and somewhat similar to a tapas restaurant.  Flight has taken it a step further though, and enables one to order little servings of everything, including wine, tequila, soups, and salads.  
A few things first:  I didn't take pictures of anything because I was having too much fun with my favorite people.  The food was pretty though.  Don't expect the fish to be a healthy option.  I pretty much ruined a week of eating nothing but wine, vodka & diet tonic, Triscuits, and tuna from the can in one three-hour period.  This is one of those restaurants that does not give you salt or pepper.  I respect that you respect your craft, but if you are going to insert unseasoned, oddly textured asparagus spears in my grouper, allow my lowly self the pleasure of salting it a touch, please? 
The fish portions were huge.  I was told that one small plate would be inadequate and that ordering the flight was appropriate.  I took half of the dinner home.  
Okay, on to the feast!
WINE:     I know nothing about wine other than I LIKE IT, and that I prefer dry wine and red wine.  Clown my impressive palate if you will, je ne give a damn pas.   I chose the "Fire & Ice" pinot noir flight, which included Oregon and California wines.  The best was the Mark West Sonoma County 2008.  It was delightful.  I ordered more and more.  
APPETIZER:    A compadre ordered an appetizer of Almond Crusted Honey Baked Brie with Blueberries & Crostini.   Tasty!  I love cheese with almonds.  The berries were fresh.  I can't wait for summer.  
SALAD:    Pecan-Crusted Goat Cheese Salad contained baby spinach, sweet peppers, and andouille vinaigrette.   When I saw the salad, I was skeptical.  The goat cheese was in two marble sized balls!  I was starting to snarl at the thought of a $9 salad with these microscopic cheese balls.  The cheese was so good though, that it was perfect!  The chevre had a great flavor and the ratio was correct.  In France and Denmark, I order goat cheese salads and the cheese is a cylindrical hunk of deliciousness, so I was expecting something like that.  I wonder why I run like a deranged, vain little thing but never get super skinny. . . I like cheese portions the size of a Ford Escort.  Side note:  The Flying Saucer has great goat cheese and almonds, a treat that they recommend enjoying with a Belgian witbier.  It is pretty stellar.  
ENTREE:   I had a roommate in college who had a pet rabbit named "Entree."  We always threatened to eat Entree.  I chose the Fish Flight.  This contained Atlantic Grouper (horseradish encrusted with roasted garlic mash and asparagus); Atlantic Black Cod (with shrimp risotto and corn sauce); Chilean Seabass (with creamed potato, leeks, bacon).  They were all tasty, with the Cod being my favorite.  The asparagus was unseasoned, kind of disappointing as it is my favorite vegetable.  
DESSERT:    I don't eat that shit.  I had a couple of bourbons.  Rocks of course.  
HIGHLIGHT:  Someone fell down the stairs.  I think it was a drunken middle-aged woman.  People falling is funny.  I once tried to show my roommate in Midtown how cool I was by performing an aerial with a katana sword.  I landed the flip in the mud and bit it face first.  Black belt FAIL.  That experience has hardened me to the graceless blunders of others.  
Overall, it was the most fun night celebrating the 25th birthday of a kickass individual! 

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