Friday, July 17, 2009

Something Feasted on My Feast

Fresh corn on the cob is a tasty July treat. After feasting on some very delicious corn from Fresh Market and Kroger, I was (naively) excited about the prospect of some "home grown" corn at - this is a real shock, brace yourself - Miss Cordelia's. The worm had already nommed the shit out the only healthy thing I probably ate all weekend.

Then the remaining uninfiltrated corn was tough and nasty. I think it was feed corn for other, non-human creatures. Way to go, Miss Cordelia's.

Miss Cordelia's always posts prices on their shelves, then when they ring you up, don't apply the purported discount. I wonder where the extra goes, or if it is an honest mistake. I went into the esteemed Deli & Picnic on July 4th, and noticed some turkey sausages in the meat case, the plastic enclosure for which was bubbling. This happens when bacteria grow inside the meat and produce gaseous byproducts through their metabolism. This is why bad milk jugs get puffy. So I looked at the date by which to sell or freeze, and it was July 1st.

Don't worry, truth is a defense to libel and slander, you bastards.

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