Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Overkill - Ice Cream Fail

Peanut M&M + Snickers Milkshake garnished w/ Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

This weekend snack was an exercise in excess. As we were returning from a Canuck wing feast, we encountered a child who was selling candy out of one of those big fundraiser boxes that such children wear around their necks. He was a polite boy who wore a t-shirt with the logo of the group for which he was fundraising. This supported the idea that he was not scamming us, so we decided to purchase a giant Snickers and some Peanut M&Ms. * We returned and ground the candy up with some butter pecan ice cream. The solid material suspended in the milkshake made it a little tough to properly enjoy.

* Compare to the girl who approached me at the Kroger on Poplar and Highland asking me to buy candy for her "cheerleading squad." She was dressed like a junior prostitute and had five or six types of jawbreakers and similar gross candies clutched in her grimy little mitt.

Me: "I don't really like fruity chewy candy."
Child: "Would you like to make a donation?"
Me: "I would feel better about that if you had a uniform on, or some literature. Do you have some literature?"
Child: "What's literature?." (Should you not be familiar with that term by age 12? Gah. By the time you are parading about in a cheerleading uniform, I would expect you to have at least an elementary school vocabulary.)
Me: "A handout of some sort that tells me about your organization. Do you have an adult with you? Is there a sign of some sort?"
Child: "Well we had a sign up but they told us to take it down."
Me: "So Kroger does not want you around here asking for money?"
Child: "Yes."

Sure. And then she would not leave the side of my car as I loaded the groceries. Beware.


  1. ha ha ha! That story is classic Memphis. And it's not even a so-called "bad part of town".

  2. I am just now reading this post. I am just now peeing my pants.